Saturday, December 5, 2009


In rejecting its emissions trading system, Australia has fired a shot now being heard round the world.
E-mails have surfaced from the University of East Anglia, exposing leading scientists and scientific institutions profiting by creating and fostering the lie, that global warming is a global crisis.

Lord Monckton, the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and adviser to Margaret Thatcher’s policy unit in the 1980's said:
  • [The news that the world's leading climate science institutions had been collaborating internationally for many years in a systematic and ruthless scientific and financial fraud by which they altered, suppressed, reprocessed, concealed, and conspired to destroy the data on which the world's temperature records are based has come as a wake up call to politicians previously slumbering.
  • The first effects are evident in Australia, where the leader of the opposition Liberal Party was removed from office when more than half of his members of Parliament voted against his declared support for an emissions trading scheme which the world now knows to be unneccesary.
  • The day after Mr. Turnbull's humiliating, but richly deserved defeat, the upper house of the Australian National Legislature, the Senate, voted decisively to reject the emissions trading scheme.
  • No longer will the world's politicians allow themselves to be misled by self-serving scientists and institutions who have been making enormous financial profits at the expense of ordinary working people by fabricating the global warming scare and by then saying that they are the only people who can make that scare go away.
  • Politicians worldwide who may previously have thought that there were votes to be gained by joining the global warming conspiracy should be warned first that every opinion poll shows smaller and smaller proportions of the electorate believing in this conspiracy and that the public authorities have already been called in to investigate criminal aspects of the conspiracy.
  • Politicians should understand that they will not be immune from indictment themselves if they continue to pretend that global warming is a global crisis when it is now known that the crisis was fabricated by scientists who have proven themselves to be no better than profiteers and racketeers.
  • The voters will not tolerate the largest tax increase in the history of human kind in the name of saving a planet which was successfully saved 2,000 years ago and does not need to be saved again.
  • Now that the people have been told the truth about a conspiracy to spit on the scientific method and to invent what everyone now knows to be a baseless scare, they will not vote for politicians stupid enough, or crooked enough to speak out in favor of what is simply nonsense.]

Stop the cap and trade scam: