Sunday, August 21, 2011

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has whirlwind weekend

Presidential candidate Ron Paul had a whirlwind week. Starting Wednesday, August 17th, Dr. Paul's new campaign headquarters opened in Concord, New Hampshire and hundreds of people came to see him speak; pictured above.
Grand opening speech here:

Then on Friday, Ron was the keynote speaker at the 3rd annual Liberty Summit in Orlando Florida.
See speech here:

On Saturday, Congressman Paul topped the New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw poll with 45%:
* Ron Paul, 45%
* Mitt Romney, 10%
* Rick Perry, 8%
* Thaddeus McCotter, 8%
* Gary Johnson, 6%
* Herman Cain, 5%
* Michele Bachmann, 5%
* Jon Huntsman, 3%
* Rick Santorum, 3%
* Newt Gingrich, 1%
* Paul Ryan, 1%
* Rudy Giuliani, 1%

And... to celebrate Congressman Paul's birthday on Saturday the 20th, starting at midnight Eastern time on Friday, a money bomb exploded. By midnight Eastern Sunday night, Representative Paul's campaign war chest increased by over $1.7 million.

Happy Birthday

Dr. Ron Paul!